SPM Tips


Assalamualaikum and happy Thursday :)

Hi guys! For those who don't  know me, I just completed my SPM last year.  I still remember the feeling weeks before SPM. I would not look a the countdown if possible because it makes me nervous. I just basically know how many weeks left and just focus on what else I need to do before the big day instead of making myself all worried.

For my trial, I got only 7A's 2B's ( B for Physics and Add Math) so I was asking myself: " Can I get straight A's or not ? " because i just lost 1 -5 marks for both papers to make me got straight A's during the trial. But, I told myself that , 'It's okay to cry now because it gonna be worse if i cry during my SPM' , because i cried once i got my Physics grade ! I did make careless mistakes due to my calculator didn't function well. 

Everywhere you go, anything you do, there are challenges. All you need to do is put your head down for those challenges and work towards it till it is achieved. So, if you didn't do well in your Form 4 final exam , then it's okay. Head high and chin up, there's nothing perfect without any flaws in this world. Keep on trying and never give up cause once you give up, there is no opportunity for you to achieve those success. 

Okay let's stop babbling and start begin

So, here are some tips on what you need to do months before your SPM. to be honest, i'm not the right person to give advise because i'm not the straight A's student. But I determine to do this, after I knew and saw that there are so difficult to get place in job opportunities out there and great place in those universities who hold great names.

 1. Pay attention during the classes. Don't sleep, don't do anything else, don't play around because you will loss what do you really need to know bout the subject. If your teacher is boring, too bad. I sat on first row in class practically in front of the white board so there's no problem for me to pay attention when my teacher is teaching. But, quiet poor for those who sit at the back of the class because there are so many obstacles for you especially from your friends, from those pupils who keep walk here and there in front of your classroom and from your self too !

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Perhaps you're  shy and you might be labeled incompetent , but actually asking questions gives you the answers you need. Not all the students in the classroom really understand 100% what were the teacher taught. If you really don't understand what he taught, raise your hand up and ask questions even the simple one. Your classmates might say, ' apalah soalan senang pon tanya' then it's okay because the one who will answer the questions in your SPM is you and not your friends.  If need be, go and see your teacher in the staff-room. Or you can ask your smart-ass friends who should know the answers, and why? Because they asked the teacher.

3. Study when you really have the mood to study. Maybe sometimes you are not in the mood to study and want to have a relax, then just do what you want ! Sleep, hear music, sing, play video games or surf internet. For me, it's better for you not to push and force yourself to 24/7 study. Surely you'll get sick if you keep on reading, doing exercises, and don't have time to relax. Ouh, do some exercises such as jogging, playing badminton too. Breathe fresh air. Parents might ask you to study study study because they want you achieved great grades during SPM, but they do not know what you feel. So, just enjoy your life, don't feel too stressed up.  If you are relaxed and happy, you can study better and get good grades. Don't put it too hard on yourself, do what you can. 

4.  Find creative ways to learn Biology and Sejarah instead of reading paragraph by paragraph for those who are too lazy to read. Some of my friends said that Sejarah is so boring because there are so many things to read, so many facts to remember.  So, why don't you guys find another ways to memorize all these facts. What i did, I sang the facts, especially for the Sejarah. Just lalalalalala (what ever tempo you love to) song and ill make sure that i remember the facts. And i recalled all those facts before I sleep. Sejarah is all about stories , that's why i love it so much! Same goes to Biology. So many names, definitions, and pathways to remember. So, i decided to draw the diagrams, pictures, and pathways. And labelled them with colourful pens. Don't ciplak others drawings because you may not understand what he drew and the explanations bout his drawings. So, put some efforts to draw your owns. 

5. Don't forget to do past year questions, exam papers from other states, SBP, MRSM and never give up once you can't answer the question. Keep on trying and trust yourself that you could manage to answer the question. If you really can't answer it, then go and see you teacher. Befriend with students from other schools either they are from MRSM, SBP or even daily school. Ask them how they study, what are their's strategies to tackle questions and what were their's teachers taught them. Don't be shame to share your education problems with them and do some group discussion even via SMS and calls. 

Thanks for reading and good luck for SPM candidates. Relaxed and don't stressed up. Chill and enjoy your senior year :)  Hope this enlightens you. Have a nice day and take care!