JAD ( Japanese Associate Degree ) Interview 2013


Assalamualaikum , Happy Friday :) 

Hello hello homosapiens ! Today i wanna share about JAD programme and the interview.  JAD is abbreviation for Japanese Associate Degree. So, from it's name we can know that it is Japan - Malaysia twinning programme. JAD is under the Yayasan Pelajaran Mara (YPM)

JAD ( Japanese Associate Degree )
twinning programme ( 3+2)

  • Full scholarship ( around RM 400 000 per person)
  • no bonding with YPM once ypu finish your study
  • a lot of homework and everyday have test
  • 3 years in Malaysia ( diploma )
  • 2 years in Japan ( degree )
  • applying and using Japan Language
  • be placed at  Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA Beranang  :)
  • only two courses are offered : Mechanical Engineering and Electric & Electronic Engineering

let's talk about the experience :)

Two nights before the interview, i made an interview practise with Hafezeen. ( Fezeen, if you read this, i wanna thank you, dude ) The only reason i made the interview with him is because he was the Mechanical Engineering student during his secondary school and i choose that course for my JAD programme. Since i know nothing bout Mechanical Engineering so, i keep on asking him bunches of questions. Well, at least i had my preparation for the interview and yaa don't forget to do some research on what type of Universities that you chose and bout the Japanese culture. 

Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA Beranang
19 March 2013
8.00 AM

Around 8 AM, i arrived KKTM Beranang and what surprised me was where's the other candidates huh ??! Actually the interview session was extended to the next two days which was the day after the SPM result be announced. ( Thank you tazeen for the information ) Then, mummy and ayah decided to go to the office and met the administrator. Then, i knocked the door, an old Japanese lecturer came out and smiled. Aha ! I asked him bout the JAD interview and he shook his head. I got confused bout what was that mean and keep asked him bout the JAD programme. Then, he said , "No English" . Dang ! He can't understand English, guys ! So, he took me to a young Malay officer there. After bla bla bla and got the map to the YPM Office, we leave the KKTM Beranang. Ouh, JAD students are so friendly, they greeted me by Japan language and most of them are BOYS. 

YPM Office , Semenyih
19 March 2013
9.00 AM

We met the officers there. All are ladies and super friendly. Ya Allah, they are really nice ! So, the interview starts to begin. And i sat for the test alone. A L O N E

The test

20 MCQ questions
5 - English
5 - Additional Maths / Maths
5- Chemistry
5 - Physics

30 minutes provided to answer the questions. With no calculators allowed . Hehe you must find how to answer the questions by your knowledge that you learned at school. So, those candidates out there, you should do some refresh and reverse back all the syllabus in Additional Maths, Physics and Chemistry. 

After 30 minutes, the officer will take back the answer sheet and question paper. So, now you should get ready for the interview session. For the Muslim, keep on dua and don't stop Salawah. Allah gonna ease everything :)

The interview 

My interviewers are 2 young ladies and i bet they are the lecturer. I was quiet nervous on that time since this is my very first time interview. So, i must go through the thick and thin of the interview process with no experience before. They asked me lot of questions !

  • Talk bout yourself
  • tell me more bout you co-curricular activities
  • What do you know about JAD ?
  • Why do you choose these universities ? did you do research ?
  • Why do you prefer to choose ME than E&E ?
  • What do you know about ME ?
  • what do you know about Japan ?
  • What do you know about the Japanese Culture ?
  • You said bout technologies and robots, so what kind of robots and technologies do Japan produce ?
  • Can you tell me what is Dasar Pandang ke Timur ?
  • How you can adapt and apply the Japan Culture in your daily life ?
  • Can you work in a critical and stress situation ?
  • Is this your first interview ?

And one of the interviewers gave me a question on the white board. Additional Maths. With no calculator.  Sin 60 = ??   Gotcha ! And at last, the gave me some briefing bout the JAD programme. They keep on saying that once you be the JAD student, you gonna be very busy with the homework, the classes and the new language. The classes will be start at 8 AM and finish at 6PM. Only an hour for Zuhur. Know more bout JAD here --- > Official JAD website

Shook hands and went to the restaurant nearby while waiting for my mummy and ayah. Again, met 3 officers from YPM and they are men. They asked me for 'sembang-sembang' and give some briefing bout the JAD. They conducted an interview in a relax situation. And i keep on laughing when talked to them because they are really BEST ! 

After 3 weeks from the interview, i got a call from the abang YPM. I still can recognize his voice. Yada yada ~~ He asked me either i wanna accept the offer or let go to other candidates. Then after some discussion with Mummy and ayah, i decided to reject the offer. Mummy was very worried because of the time table and the study schedule. So, she told me to reject the offer. 

So juniors, take my experience as your reference. You gonna do and be better than i was. Never look yourself down if you're not that good in English because once you are in University, there's no more category. No more MRSM, SBP, KLUSTER. Trust and have faith in Allah, keep on practicing and dua may Allah ease everything. BTW, don't be so nervous because you'll ruin your interview session. Your mind gonna blank and you can't understand and answer the questions well. Give the positive answers and feedback to the interviewers. Convince them and make them impress of your communication and answering skills. Always smile and don't use a high pitch of voice. You're the one who asked for the scholarship, so talk nicely and don't ever provoke them back if they are provoke you at first. show them how you really interested with the scholarship and tell them more bout yourself to be chosen as the scholarship holder.