Maybank Scholarship Award 2013 Interview

Assalamualaikum and hi

Since this is gonna be my second post about interview, it might be more shorter than my very first interview post although they are not under the same scholarship. My first time interview is JAD programme under YPM and you can read it here < JAD ( Japanese Associate Degree ) Interview 2013 >

Actually, I was applied for this scholarship since before the SPM result was announced and only use my trial SPM result. You can know more here --> Maybank Official Website The general requirements are :
  • Obtained minimum 6As in SPM (trial 2012 and/or actual) or equivalent
  • Total annual household income of not more than RM 120 000
  • Leadership experience in co-curricular activities
  • Energetic individuals who seek challenge and rewarding careers upon graduation
  • Applicants must not be a recipient of any other scholarship or award from other organisations / foundations
The first level, Maybank will give you an email that tell that you're being shortlisted. Maybank will ask you to complete the assessments  The assessments are divided into 2 categories that are 

RfB Managerial and Graduate Verbal B (unsupervised)
RfB Managerial and Graduate Numerical B (unsupervised) . 

You are allowed to use dictionary and calculator to complete the assessments. And the assessments are fully in English and in a high English and Maths of knowledgeable. It's more to financial banking and business examination because it asked about percentage, profit, loss and much more banking jargon. For me, there are no time to open your dictionary and search for some difficult words because the time given is only 45 minutes (if i'm not mistaken) for each assessment. 

So, some tips here ; Don't waste your time and read the questions carefully. Don't be so mess and stressed out with the jargon of the questions eventhough you do not understand what are the questions ask you all about. Have fun while doing the assessments because i enjoyed my assessments very much because i didn't put much hope on it. 

But, rezki is everywhere and alhamdulilah i was called by a young officer ( based on her voice ) by 2 nights before the interview session will be held. I was so so so happy. Ya Allah seriously i was very happy that night .  

10 April 2013
3.30 PM
Menara Maybank, KL

"I am here, Maybank"  hihihi. So, i came 30 minutes early than the time for my session and i was the only candidate for the Maybank Scholarship Award 2013. When i was in the lift to go to the office, there was a young Malay officer asked me,

" Datang untk interview biasiswa ye ? "
" Ye saya. :) "
" Goodluck, banyak-banyak baca selawat "
" Terima Kasih "

Sharp on 3.30 PM, the officer I guess her name is Habibah asked me to write an essay. Dang ! Essay guys, she asked me to write an essay. If i'm not mistaken, the question was : " Write an essay about what do you know about Maybank Scholarship Award 2013 and why you must be chosen as one of the scholarship holder. " More or less something like that la.

After settled with the essay question, i used to sit back at my place. and there was an Indian mother who accompanied her daughter for the interview and we had some beneficial chat. She was really really nice. a couple minutes later, the interviewers called me for the interview session.

My interviewers are a Malay man a Chinese woman. and they are so nice and awesome. They keep on asking me questions and we made the interview as a discussions between friends about sharing experiences. the questions are ( more or less ) :

  • Share with us your background
  • Who are you during your secondary school ?
  • Are you active in co-curricular activities ?
  • So between all of the activities, which one you really interested ? Why ?
  • Tell me more about scouting if you don't mind.
  • What are the definitions of leader and leadership from your eyes view ?
  • If you're a leader, how you managed to control your team member ?
  • What is your advantage and disadvantage ?
  • If you are working in a group of different races, how you build up the cooperation ?
  • What is your hobby ?
  • What type of books do you read ? do you read books written by JK Rowling ?
  • Do you prefer to study local or oversea? because you can choose either one :)
  • Which university you wish to pursue your study?
  • Why do you choose engineering discipline ?
  • So, do you know what are the scope of engineering in Maybank ?
  • besides the books that you told before, what kind of books that you read ?
  • What will you do once you finish your study for Maybank ?
  • What do you know about Maybank ?
  • Why do you choose Maybank Scholarship compared to other scholarships ?
  • what is the irritating moments in your life?
  • What is the happiest moment in your life ?
  • How do you make yourself succeed? 
  • Why Maybank need to chose you ?
  • Who is your idol ?

WOW ! A lot of questions huh ? I've been interviewed for an hour. HAHA. Lama gila, guys. Once i walked out from the room, there was an Indian girl (daughter to the Indian mother) and a Malay boy. Wished them luck and walked to the lift.  

So, that was my Maybank Interview experience. Sorry if its not really help you, guys. One thing i'm proud of myself is i managed to walk in the interview and bring along my school's name. Please be prepared before you go for the interview. I've tell you the questions so do your research and prepare well. There's nothing to worry or scared because the interview is fun and the interviewers are so awesome. Enjoy yourself during interview and always smile. Answer all the questions. Just say what you think, what you know because the just want to hear you talk and to see your confident level. If you do not know about something or want to know about something, ask them. I asked a lot of questions to my interviewer. Monthly allowance pon I tanya tau. hehe. So hope this post help you. Good luck.

* seems this post much more longer than i wrote before *