A Gift Of Life

Assalamualaikum and haaiiiiiiii :)

It's has been so long since my last post.    I'm so sorry for the long hiatus. I've so many things to finish up and settle down. Yaaaa you know sometimes I feel like giving up.. I swear. Being the SPM leaver is not really fun especially when you have so many responsibilities such as tutoring the Pantun team, accompany your mummy everywhere she goes, and yeah busy with my bed for sure.  It is really hard to see me outside the house these days ..even worse it's really hard to hang out with my superb best friends. everyone starts to be busy with our routine and schedule. Nadd is worry of her on coming PLKN , Ulya hurmm. I don't know what sort of things she busy of, and my super little becok baby, Eby. Mungkin sebab jauh sikit dari Eby, so it's hard to meet her and even worse is so hard to contact and communicate with her. Rasa macam duduk dekat pedalaman hulu yang langsung takde connection to any mobile network.  Hurm..in the mean time, Malaysians are very worry and never stop praying and dua for the calmness and Malaysia's safety. Yaa, for the PDRM, army, ATM and our perwira. Alfatihah for those who gugur sebagai perwira negara. New history in Buku Teks Sejarah tingkatan 5 mungkin. 

Anyway, Let us BEGIN

So after my 18th birthday last Wednesday, I've got so many wishes and so many orang yang doakan. Thanks a lot guys, keep on dua for me. :) AllahuAkbar. So, as present for myself, i'd nothing actually. I just said to my self , "Aina, you're bigger now, you're 18 now. There's no chance to make any mistakes, any flaws, any nonsense things in your life. Be mature, be positive, be good to people surround you, and please do best decisions in your life. It's about life, about future and there's no 'pemutar masa'. So, use your mind wisely, think carefully and always ask help from Allah." ihiks. So sweetla my wish to myself.

So, the only thing i have for my self for the birthday is a card. Ala kad yang penuh kat dalam purse korang tu. Tapi kad ni kira boleh selamatkan nyawa orang lah. ewah. Kad Saya Sudah Berikrar Satu Malaysia Satu Harapan Dermalah organ demi kehidupan. Ya, I'm officialy one of the National Organ Donors. So, are there anyone who interested to join me and be one of the donor to save other life ?

If there is anybody who wants to be the donor or want to know more about the transplantation or donation, you may direct to these websites, NTRC and Ministry of Health Malaysia . Thanks for reading, anddddddd there is another 13 days to go to the date, SPM leavers ! :)