Thank you, 2017

Hello there.

It has been a while since my fingers dancing on the keyboard.

It has been a very long hiatus.

It has been me struggling with life for few years - I did enjoyed my Degree life, for sure.

2017 is going to end in few days - three to be exact
 learnt a lot, thank you 2017 and all the people, occasion, memories in it.

To sum up my life in 2017(so that i can recall when i'm older)

- Started my 2017 with a memorable visit to Mecca and Madinah - Alhamdulilah
- Completed my internship with one of Big4s and experienced so much things
- Build relationship with new family in Jakarta and its a bless
- Finished my degree with great result
- Achieve the ideal body and skin has shownnnn a very good improvements - Alhamdulilah

I also learnt that people can be so good for reasons and be bad to us for no reasons

Keep the positivity and you will see how universe respond to you

After all, thank you so much 2017.
 Will bring the good in you and improvise on the lacking.