Random Thoughts

I experienced it twice. Once during my Sekolah Rendah Agama (primary school) and another one during my Pre-U. You know when you are not your teacher’s favourite. You know she won’t pay her full attention to your learning, but give her/his 100% attention to other students. You know you are not her favourite when s/he doesn’t look at you when she talks. You know you are neglected when she didn’t check your homework yet praise your friends’ work. You know that because you get that feeling. And that feeling would never be faded. No, after you die. Thank you teacher for acting out of a sense of academic fairness. Hopefully, you are not prejudiced against others in the future.  

Every kid (people) has their own ability and you cannot compare ones’ advantage to the other’s disadvantage. It is so unfair and yet most of our teachers still think that students are robot where they can programme to certain level of productivity so that we can produce the same level of output. It is so mess. 

Students should not be rank only based on their grades, based on their performance in education line. It should not be limit only to that certain area. It should be wider. It should also include the creativity aspects, the society aspects and the growth of the students itself. I’m not sure if it is assumed to be perfect if s/he is very good in academic yet couldn’t speak to public, couldn’t get into society and makes friends. If it so, no doubt, our education really wants the students to be robots. 

Suli Breaks once said “Education is about inspiring ones mind, not just filling their head”. This is true. Students nowadays learn not for purpose of living but for the purpose of examination. They remember everything before the examination and vomit everything during the examination. And when you ask them about that subject perhaps 2 months later, they won’t remember anything. This is because education system have put certain indication that students will only present goods and excellent when they get good grades no matter how bad and illegal their actions to achieve it. 

When the students couldn’t achieve that certain indication, they will feel over-stressed (stress is good, over-stressed is not). They will feel disappointed with themselves for their grades, for not perform their very best in the examination, for not being the teacher’s favourites. Sadly, they will make the very last action by committing suicide. 

Based on website indianexpress, the engineering student decided to take his life because of failure in examination. No, this is not the way we should do. 

We should maybe change out chance from the academic aspect to the creativity aspect. We can do a lot more things besides the one that we learn in college. We can do business, we can presenting college in Football match, we can be a talented singer, we can write and we also can be a volunteer. We can do anything that make us happy and not over-stressed. 

I am not good giving advice, but sometimes or maybe once in a while, we need to hear advises from others. Trust me, life is short. Do whatever that makes you happy regards what others will say about it. It’s not them that live your life, it’s you who make the decision in order for you to fight or just surviving. Continue to fight and never lose hope, if you are tired, then take a break and continue fighting. However, surviving is still consider good enough than do nothing. 

Life is not only about academic purposes, it is more than that. It is wider as I mentioned above. Reveal yourself, find that spirit, and remember, without trying you could not see the star in you. Yes, you are your own star. Be your own shinning and gleaming star.